6 Bells Folk & Blues Club

            Chiddingly, East Sussex

Folk & Blues on Tuesdays

Fran Galpin at the 6 Bells 16th June 2015 

Above - Fran Galpin playing an extended set on 16th June 2015

The Six Bells Folk & Blues Club

Drop in and enjoy the warm, friendly, informal atmosphere at the 6 Bells on our fortnightly folk and blues music evenings. Bring an instrument and if you want to play you will normally get the chance. We welcome the accomplished and the beginner (well - the accomplished had to start somewhere, so why not the 6 Bells?).

The music is acoustic but enhanced by a modest sound desk to give you the all important support of a little amplification and reverb. The club is now run by a co-operative of the members who take it in turn to present each evening. Make sure you read Chris's blog for a flavour of what is in store.

What you play or sing is up to you. Evenings vary from classical piano, blues, country, folk, jazz - in fact, just about anything is acceptable, even poets are tolerated here.  If you just want to watch and listen then that's OK too, there is no pressure to perform and as all performers need an audience you will be equally appreciated. IMPORTANT - we don't all sit round in a circle!

The Six Bells is a great East Sussex pub with good food at prices everyone can afford so if you are hungry you can enjoy a meal before the music starts at about 8:30.

Stuart & Meya at the 6 Bells

Above - Stuart and Meya at the 6 Bells 16th June 2015. Stuart is an excellent singer and guitarist. Meya runs several "open mike" nights locally and is also a gifted musician.

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Stoat and Chris 

Read Chris's Folk Club Blog Here and discover why he has a stoat on his head.  

Whats On?


 30th June 2015 - Singers Night - Hosted by Chris Liddiard

 14th July 2015 - Singers Night -  Hosted by Mike Aldridge

 28th July 2015  ROCK 'n' ROLL THEME NIGHT  (dress up if you want to and dance the night away) - Hosted by John Oddy

11th August 2015 - Singers Night - Hosted by Chris Mansell

25th August 2015 - STORY SONGS NIGHT - (Ballads that tell a tale) - Hosted by Clive Woodman

8th September 2015 - Singers Night - Hosted by Chris Martin

22nd September 2015 - Not the Festival Folk Club starring HAZARDOUS FUNK - (still plenty of time for floor spots)  Hosted by Lisa Jackson

6th October 2015- Singers Night - Hosted by Chris Liddiard

 20th October 2015 - SINGER SONGWRITERS EVENING. Come and play your original songs and music. A night for creative opportunities. Hosted by Chris Martin

 3rd November 2015- Singers Night -  Hosted by Mike Aldridge

 17th November 2015- Singers Night - Hosted by John Oddy